Itemized Garment List

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Instructions:  ①Complete the following garment list form ②Print form when finished
③Validate form by signing the above signature line ④Insert garment list inside your laundry bag

 Quantity:  Men’s / Ladies’ suit  Special Instructions:
Men’s / Ladies’ suit
Jacket / Blazer
Trouser / Slacks
Shirts / Blouses
Total of garments listed:


Complete an itemized list for each order and place with soiled garments inside the laundry bag. An itemized garment list must accompany each order. Our count of articles must be accepted if yours is not given. Any claims must be made within 48 hours of delivery.

Once we have verified your slip to match the order inside the laundry bag, the slip is signed with approval and the order is processed. If the list deviates from what was actually found in the bag, then we will e-mail and make a note of it. 99% of the time, if not better, what is noted on the slip will reflect what's inside the bag.

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