Acosta's Dry Cleaners Valet Service

 "Pamper Your Clothes, with us."

 At Acosta's Cleaners We believe in caring for your clothes. From the moment we receive your garments in our care, the pampering begins. It starts with having the most caring people doing what we love most, using the highest quality solvents and the latest technology.

When you entrust us with your wardrobe and households, we take the matter personal, "personal pride". We believe in offering the best care, allowing us to earn the phase "Pamper Your Clothes, with us."

As a member of the NCA, a professional trade organization, we regularly receive notification concerning problem garments and FTC care labeling violations. This information, coupled with our ongoing educational commitment, assures you the best possible care for your cherished wardrobe and households. Your trust in us is well-placed; we are committed to our craft.

We are a second generation family in the business. It is what we know best and love, Looking forward as I remain, at your service,


Edward Acosta


Recipient of the 2014 Plant Design Award for Outstanding Package Plant, presented by American Dry Cleaner


Edward Acosta is also on the Advisory Board of the Brooklyn Hispanic Chamber of Commerce