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Wedding Gown Cleaning is proud to offer our exclusive wedding gown cleaning service. Each gown is cleaned individually, never in combination with other gowns. Every gown is turned inside out to protect the fine beadwork and embroidery, during the cleaning process. then treats the entire gown for sugar stains, which do not dissolve in the normal dry cleaning process. All sugar stains , seen or unseen, are removed. Most food and beverage stains will dry invisible and will show up in a garment years from the date of the original stain. Have us clean your garment properly now, and you won't be disappointed years from now. Some important questions about wedding gown cleaning and storage packaging.

When Should I Get My Gown Cleaned?

Cleaning of a wedding gown should take place one to seven weeks after the wedding. The gown is bound to be soiled to some degree by invisible agents such as perspiration and body oils and will require special processing.

Food and beverage spills will require individual attention to be properly removed. Stains tend to "set in" with age. The longer stains and soils are left in the gown, the more difficult they will be to remove. This is especially true with sugar and perspiration stains.

What Should I Consider when Purchasing?

Bridal gowns can be a very large investment. To preserve their beauty it is important for the consumer to take many factors into consideration at the time of purchase. Wedding gowns are usually decorated with beads, sequins, lace and other trim. Very often these decorative fabrics create problems during the cleaning process.

Many wedding and formal dresses have trim glued to the surface of the fabric rather than sewn on. In most cases, the adhesives used are of limited resistance and are, unfortunately, extremely soluble during the cleaning process.

This will cause complete loss and removal of the trim. It is very important for the consumer to inspect the gown at the time of purchase for glued trim.

Unfortunately, price does not always dictate serviceability.

How Should I Store My Gown?

After the careful cleaning of your wedding or christening gown, offers packaging in an attractive protective storage chest. Your gown will be treated with the best possible processes available.

It is very important that you select a storage area that is cool and dry. Do not store your gown in an attic or basement. Your gown is best stored in an interior closet where the atmosphere is similar to normal room temperature. We highly recommend periodic inspection of your gown to ensure a lasting quality finish. After checking your gown carefully, repackage it for further storage.

The staff at are available for consultation at all times. Contact us for a prompt response to your drycleaning questions.

What sets apart from other cleaners? Our commitment to quality service. We take pride in the exclusive services we can offer our customers.

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