Acosta's Dry Cleaners Valet Service


 “Acosta’s Cleaners is service-oriented, enthusiastic and professional. From day 1, Ed and his team have demonstrated a genuine passion for service and consistently provide top-quality results.”

Al  M. W.   Forest Hills 


Very happy with the website and ease of pick-up, delivery service and there quality of cleaning is top notch!

Andrew W.   Manhattan


I have been a customer of Acosta’s Cleaners since 2003. I have always found Acosta’s to be very reliable and caring about the work they do. Always properly picked-up, delivered and never disappointed. Pricing is much lower than our local Dry Cleaners. Eddie is always available to discuss any procedures he will use to clean our Couture garments. 

For Service, Reliability and Quality, I give Acosta’s a 10.

Carl R.   Manhattan


I’ve been with Acosta’s since 2006 (8 years). Eddie and his team have done a great job with my clothes. In fact, I use Acosta’s instead of the valet in the buildings I have lived in. Eddie will promptly return your calls. They offer very reasonable rates. “Great job guys, keep up the good work.”     

Nelson L.   Manhattan


Dear Eddie;

Arlene and I have been using your services for more than twenty years. We have found the service you deliver to be excellent at all times.

You have handled all matters no matter how minor in a professional manner. As you know we have recommended your services to several people who have moved into the neighborhood and always received positive comments from them.

We would be happy to speak to any person to confirm our opinion of your services.

Yours truly,
Ed R., Jr.   Manhattan  


Acosta’s is the best because they care…,

I am originally from Los Angeles and had a close relationship with my dry cleaner for many years. When I arrived at my current residence in Battery Park City, I was in need of a dry cleaner. My doorman suggested I try Acosta and I couldn’t be happier.

As we all know, nothing is perfect. Things happen. What I love about Acosta is they see problems as opportunity to shine. For example, few months ago I received white shirts that had set in soil collars.  After wearing them again I scheduled another pick-up and they came back looking soil again. I called Eddie, very upset. He was empathetic, patient and very professional. He treated me like a V.I.P. and had the shirts picked up. He used special treatments to treat the collars and resolved the problem. He even gave me a full credit on the shirts and the rest of the load. To this day, Acosta’s follows up with on a continual basis to make sure all is well. Eddie and the team really show me that they truly care.

Acosta’s Cleaner you rock!!!
Richard W.   Manhattan


I live in the Financial District of Manhattan and have been using Acosta's Cleaners for almost 13 years.  I have found their service to be TOPS. 

To begin with- their pickups and deliveries are like clockwork. In all the years doing business, they have never missed a pick up or delivery. 

Then there is the quality of their work.  We do normal laundry and dry cleaning with them.  All laundry comes perfect.  Everything is perfectly clean, smells great and is separated and stacked properly in the bag. 

The dry cleaning is top of the line too.  All shirts are neatly laundered or dry-cleaned.  I particularly like the fact that the front shirt in the stack of hanged shirts has a card board filler in the collar to make sure that the shirt is not smashed in handling.  A nice touch.  All summer shorts are hung with plastic clips instead of annoying safety pins.  And suit jackets have a filler on the hangar, instead of paper. Slacks always arrive perfectly pressed. 

The final point that needs to be made is that their prices are phenomenal.  Their prices are significantly lower than any other business offering similar services in Manhattan. 

This is a family business that operates like one- where each customer really is important.   I have had reasons to call and I am always greeted in such a pleasant manner by Mr. Acosta's staff- and most of the time, in fact, I get Ed Acosta on the phone.  He is a great business man in the community and he deserves complete success because he cares about his customers.  You can just tell!!!

Robert K.  Manhattan


My wife, Lisa and I have used Acosta’s Cleaners since moving to Battery Park City in 1997. At the time, Eddie was personally driving the pick-up and delivery vehicle and I would frequently see him at our building.

From the outset the service was a clear winner with pick-up and delivery right to our front desk at a savings from the cost of the neighborhood’s cleaners.

The service has always been efficient and easy, and I have always been immensely satisfied with the results. Eddie has been honest and forthright in his dealings, letting me know where a particular garment requires special attention in cleaning, always returning cash and credit cards mistakenly left in garments and when issues have inevitably cropped up, he has been fair and accommodating.

Roxana, his manager at the front desk, has been a pleasure and is responsive to my concerns.  

Brian C.   Manhattan