Acosta's Dry Cleaners Valet Service

Please read our requirements and general guidelines

1. Pick up arrangements :

We provide a Monday, Wednesday and Friday service, with a two half (2 ½) day turn around, after the pick-up date every evening. For a pickup, please e-mail or call to schedule your pick-up 24 hours in advance. Also, an on-going scheduled pick-up can be arranged every week. There is no additional cost for valet service. Our emphasize is providing quality and service, with a savings in mind.

2. Nylon Bag :

We offer personalized color coded nylon bag with our large logo as a requirement for use. The concierge and our driver easily recognize the bags as ours. Our logo will have your account number that ensures correct identification and privacy. Your profile will be in our database. We offer a royal blue bag for dry cleaning and yellow for your wash and fold.

3. Ticket :

Click here for an itemized garment list (a ticket). We encourage all our customers to type, print and enclose an itemize GARMENT LIST with each order. It assures accountability, with a provision to instruct us on any special needs. If we should have a question(s), we will email.

If you chose not to use our garment list print formatted then you can create your own by listing the garment(s) on a blank sheet of paper, sign, date and submit.

Please be advised, that for our records we file and note if the itemize garment list was use or correctly, on each order’s ticket when returned

4. Payments :

Along with your garments and the itemize garment list, payment must be made. For payment, please fill out and submit your billing information when you sign up. This will allow us to process a payment using one of your credit cards. Each delivery will have our valet service receipt attached to each order which will be reflected on your credit card statement. You will be billed by your credit company on your normal billing cycle.

5. Proof of delivery :

Finally upon delivery, each order is scanned by the driver and signed off by the concierge for tracking purposes. Safe, secure with accountability, its that simple.


As a reminder :

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