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Go Green

Going green means more than you and other cleaners think.

Many cleaners have jump on the bandwagon and calling themselves “Organic Green Cleaners” when in fact it’s an advertising hype. The fact is that there is no government sanctioned definition of ‘organic’ or ‘green’ dry cleaning. They are misleading consumers by implying that they are chemical free. 

EPA’S design for the environment programs favors professional wet cleaning. The process uses water, soaps, surfactants, sizing and other additives that are eco-friendly design for high efficiency cleaning in a professional manner. We also use perchlorethylene a (aka ‘organic’) cleaning, Certified by New York State of Environmental Conservation as an “Environmental Dry Cleaner”. By incorporating both methods, we are acting responsible with our employees, customers and the environment.         

We run every aspect of our business with preserving the environment in mind. Acosta’s uses the most up to date, safe and environmentally friendly cleaning methods available in our state of the art Facilities. We are a proud to be recognized by the Green Cleaners Council.

Our mission is to provide Eco-Friendly Green practices, while saving our customers Green dollars. Join our mailing list and receive our monthly newsletter and coupons.

Use our service and know that we will “Pamper your Clothes, with a true eco-friendly Green touch”. Your Cherished wardrobe and households goods will always be odor free, with a beautiful feel while looking like new.   


Eco-Friendly Practices

We care about our environment. Therefore, The Green Cleaners Council has recognized our efforts to achieve environmental sustainability in our cleaning processes, our operational practices and investment in eco-technologies. To learn more, please visit

We are committed to eliminating waste, reducing energy use, and using safe products at every stage of our business:

Our Wet Cleaning Department uses the same process endorsed by the EPA design for Environment program.
We use High Efficiency Wet Cleaning / Biodegradable, non-toxic laundry products.
Solvent Purification/Recycled waste water unit.
Proactive & responsible waste Handling — licensed waste hauler recycles waste.
Gas powered boiler, regular maintenance, return systems, special steam traps for maximum energy efficiency.
Insulated steam pipes.
Biodegradable Poly Bags.
Reusable laundry bags, Click here.
Recycle Hanger Program, Click here.
Cardboard/Plastic recycling program.
High efficiency T8 fluorescent lighting/Mercury free.
We purchase only Energy Star office equipment /E-mail transmittals/Paperless credit card billing.
Water fountain (replacing bottled water)
Low volume flush toilets and faucet



Certified Green Cleaners Council Members. 
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