Acosta's Dry Cleaners Valet Service

Reusable Laundry bags and Recycle Hanger Program

Environmentally Friendly Garment Bags

Store and transport your Dry Cleaning with ease.

Environmentally Friendly
No plastic, No tissue
Durable, Reusable & Water Resistant
Available in 60" size
Made from Non-woven Poly Propylene
Made from 100% Recycled Materials and is 100% Recyclable!
Also 40" nylon Recyclable Laundry Bags






Recycling Program

100% biodegradable plastic garment bags
Recycle cardboard & Plastic bottles
Recycled Hanger Program






Do you know who invented the Hanger?

One of our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, 3rd president of the United States had great vision for our country and was a noted inventor. An environmentalist who loved farming. One of his inventions was the coat hanger.

Each year 3.5 billion wire hangers find their way into our municipal landfills which is equivalent to 200 million pounds of metal or 60,000 automobiles. And metal hangers don't decompose. Please help us keep the hangers out of the landfills and allow us to recycle them. Request a recycle hanger bin.

The hanger was invented for a useful purpose and not to help pollute the environment. I'm convinced that Thomas Jefferson would have agreed. Let's envision a greener world together and one day, our efforts will have helped to protect the environment..., our Country.


Operational programs

Solvent Purificaton
Proactive & responsible waste
High Efficiency Wet Cleaning / Biodegradable, non-toxic laundry products
Gas powered boiler, regular maintenance, return systems, steam traps
Special steam traps for maximum energy efficiency
Insulated steam pipes
Energy efficient lighting
Mercury free flourescent bulbs
Paperless credit card billing
Energy-efficient printers/ e-mail transmittals


Take a second to cut your computer's energy consuption by 80%, forever. Just enable the energy efficiency settings in the control panel under "power options" (usually labeled "sleep", "hibernate" or "standby" mode).